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Memories of the Galiano Literary Festival

galiano literary festivalWonderful time at the Festival on Galiano. Hanging out with authors I admire at the magnificent Galiano Inn. My session was with Sarah Cox who wrote Breaching the Peace, an important revelatory book about the boondoggle that is the construction of the Site C Dam in the Peace River Valley.

I began the session with my poetic musical telling of the Scientific Creation Story I learned from physicist Brian Swimme. The audience makes the sounds of the Universe. Great way to start a Sunday morning, people told me. Then I talked about the remarkable and still fragile recovery of Atl’kitsem/Howe Sound. Jim Schmidt, co-organizer 0f the festival gave a beautiful territorial acknowledgment that brought tears to my eyes.

Pauline Le Bel Galiano Literary FestivalReally enjoyed meeting Des Kennedy, author of many books on gardening and a memoir which really spoke to me. Des is wise and funny and just lovely to be around. Also enjoyed chatting with Anna Porter, Darrel McLeod, Marilyn Norry, Andrea Warner and many others. Many thanks to Lee Trentadue who invited me to her festival. Loved the venue the people, the food was lovely too! Each author was presented with a tiny replica of their book made out of something good to eat. I haven’t eaten it yet but it smells very sweet.


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