Whale in the Door

A Community Unites to Protect BC's Howe Sound

Photos from C3 Expedition

The day spent on Gambier Island at Camp Fircom was unforgettable. In the morning, we gathered on the island with some of the participants on the C 3 Expedition, sharing our stories about Howe Sound/Atl’kitsem. After lunch we climbed into Voyageur canoes – a real thrill for me as a kayaker. I was re-experiencing the mode of travel of my ancestors.

I made sure to get into the same canoe as my friend, Xwalacktun, an expert paddler, as well as master carver. He has paddled in the Canoe Journeys up and down the West Coast.

Xwalacktun in the Voyageur Canoe

voyageur canoe en route to icebreakerC3 Icebreaker Portal PrinceOn the icebreaker, Portal Prince, we met with the scientists on board. They are analyzing data from water samples to measure water quality, amount of plastic in the oceans and varieties of DNA. An altogether rewarding and unforgettable day.

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